Artist Statement:

Situated somewhere in between representation and abstraction sit the mesmerizing works of artist Rudi Broschofsky. Often mistaken for screen-prints, his paintings are constructed entirely out of spray-paint. Generally this is accomplished through a painstaking process of creating meticulous stencils with an X-Acto knife. A typical stencil may take upwards of 40 hours to create and sometimes may only be used once. From nearby the subject matter is nonrepresentational but with space the composition becomes unmistakable. While these paintings are characteristically exploding with color, the subject matter is neutral bold and powerful.

Although Rudi’s educational path does not lead to the arts, it did play a pivotal role in his style and his artwork as a whole. Rudi graduated from SDSU in 2005 with a degree in business finance. “I like finance because it makes sense to me- numbers go into a calculation and numbers come out, it is logical and can be proven and checked”, he says. His painting process relates to this in a sense, the creative process is like building an equation. Once the equation is in place, Rudi knows what the end result will look like if his process is carried out carefully and correctly. Unlike other artists, once his design is in place there is little creative freedom or room to change what the final product will be.

Rudi’s art is unquestionably influenced by his upbringing and art has continually played a key role in his life. Rudi was raised in a gallery setting with his parents opening a western art gallery when he was 5. Growing up surrounded by a variety of western masters ranging from Edward Curtis’s iconic turn of the century photographs all the way to Andy Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians pop art had a large impact on the subject matter that he chooses to focus on. While much of the art that has influenced him is traditional western art, his style also incorporates an entirely different genre of art that has worked its way into the fine-art world over the past decade, Urban Art. Through the use of intricate stencils, spray paint and resin, Rudi attempts to incorporate a modern look to an otherwise customary subject matter.


Solo Shows:

Urban Cowboy, Flat Blak Gallery, Portland, OR, October 2018

Modern Frontier, Ketchum Innovation Center, Ketchum, ID, December 2017

Best of the West, Broschofsky Galleries, Sun Valley, ID, July 2017

Western Pop, Flat Blak Gallery, Portland, OR, July 2017

Group Shows:

Art in the West, High Desert Museum, Bend, OR, July 2018

Small Works Exhibition, Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT, December 2017

The Grey Policy, Evo Gallery, Portland, OR, September 2017

One Moto Show, Old Industrial Foundry, Portland, OR, February 2017

Small Works Exhibition, Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT, December 2016

Death to Day Jobs III, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, ID, July 2014

Death to Day Jobs II, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, ID, July 2013

Death to Day Jobs, Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, ID July 2012


Pamplin Media, Artists Show Art and Skill in Open Studio Tour, 2019

SVPN, Urban Cowboy (featured fine artist), October 2018

Art in the West, High Desert Museum, June 2018

Hospitality and Design, Studio 11 Completes Hotel Ketchum Refresh, 2018

Visit Sun Valley, Explore their modern art scene (featured artist), January 2018

Eye on Sun Valley, Art Takes Flight, 2017

Visit Sun Valley, Death to Day Jobs, 2014

Sun Valley Magazine, Death to Day Jobs, 2013

Permanent Collections:

Wood River Inn, Hailey, ID

Wareham Development Medical Research, San Francisco, CA

Hotel Ketchum, Ketchum, ID

Public Art:

The Helping Hand, 85’ x 39’ (art director and lead assistant), Portland, OR, 2018

Flight, 5’ x 36’, Sun Valley, ID 2017

Cover Art Project, Electrical Box wrap, Ketchum, ID, 2016